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Beef jerky near me Sugar City Idaho Rexburg Idaho Falls Ririe Idaho Rigby Idaho

Beef Jerky Near You - Sugar City Idaho

Top Notch Jerky sells beef jerky and meat sticks in our physical storefront located in Sugar City, Idaho. We sell beef jerky to Rexburg ID, Sugar City ID, St. Anthony ID, Rigby ID, Idaho Falls, and all the surrounding areas and nooks and crannies in between. If you're looking for beef jerky near you in southeast Idaho, Top Notch Jerky is the place to go!

Cheapest Beef Jerky Near You

One of the best things about Top Notch Jerky is that it's the cheapest jerky around. If you're looking for cheap beef jerky near Rexburg, this is the place to look! All of our ranch cut beef jerky is available in 10-oz bags for just $9.99, or 3.25-oz small bags for $4.25 in our physical Sugar City store!* This includes 6 different flavors of beef jerky, from the classic Original flavor to more exciting flavors like Pepper Dill Pickle.

Our meat sticks are priced the same as our ranch cut beef jerky - 10 oz for $9.99 (only 10-oz bags available, no small bags). We also have 6 different flavors of meat sticks, including our popular Pepperoni style and Dill Pickle.

On average, beef jerky ranges from $1.31 per ounce to $2.90 per ounce. In contrast, our beef jerky is just $1 per ounce - for the best quality jerky you'll ever have, no less! Not only do we offer the best prices on beef jerky in our Idaho store, people are always pleased with the product! Low prices does not equal low quality when it comes to Top Notch Jerky!

*Online prices are higher to match our retailers

Beef Jerky from Idaho-Raised Beef Cattle Near You

Top Notch Beef Local beef near me Sugar City Idaho Rexburg Idaho Falls St. Anthony Idaho

It's important to know where your beef jerky is coming from. At Top Notch Jerky, we sell beef jerky and meat sticks made from local beef from cattle raised in feedlots in St. Anthony, Idaho. When you shop at Top Notch Jerky, you can be assured you're buying high quality jerky made from local beef raised right here in Idaho less than 20 minutes from our Sugar City store!

Just a few minutes away from Rexburg and Idaho Falls, we are proud to offer you local products that are made near you from beef that is raised near you.

Best Beef Jerky and Meat Sticks Near You

Beef jerky near me Sugar City Idaho Rexburg Idaho Falls Ririe Idaho Rigby Idaho

Browse our meat snacks selection at our Idaho store in Sugar City! If you live in Rexburg, Idaho Falls, Rigby, Ririe, or St. Anthony this is the best beef jerky and meat sticks around. 

Here is a list of our beef jerky and meat sticks products available at a store near you!

Ranch Cut Beef Jerky

10 oz: $9.99

3.25 oz: $4.25

Dill Pickle Beef Jerky (small bags out of stock)

Hot & Sweet Beef Jerky

Original Beef Jerky

Pepper Dill Pickle Beef Jerky (small bags out of stock)

Peppered Beef Jerky

Teriyaki Beef Jerky

Meat Sticks

10 oz: $9.99

Dill Pickle Meat Sticks

Original Meat Sticks

Pepper Dill Pickle Meat Sticks

Peppered Meat Sticks

Pepperoni Meat Sticks

Teriyaki Meat Sticks 

If you live in Idaho and you're looking for local beef jerky, come check out Top Notch Jerky's beef jerky and meat sticks selection!

Our store is located at:

450 N. Frontage Rd.

Sugar City, ID 83448

Beef jerky near me Sugar City Idaho Rexburg Idaho Falls Ririe Idaho Rigby Idaho

Here's What People Are Saying About Our Beef Jerky:

Lots of people have nothing but good things to say about our beef jerky.

"Best tasting jerky I have ever eaten!"

"This is the best Tasting Jerky I have ever eaten! Thank You Top Notch Jerky!"

-Beverly B

"Best jerky around!"

"You guys have the best jerky around!"

-Craig P.

"Best and freshest"

"Ordered some immediately after trying it on our camping and freshest I've ever ate."

-Robert G.

"By far our favorite brand"

"My family loves Top Notch Jerky. It is by far our favorite brand. We have tried all the options they offer and love them all."

-Camden S.

"I will not buy any other jerky"

"Top Notch scores 5 stars from me!! I will not buy any other jerky but theirs!!"

-Jim S.

"Really good jerky"

"This is really good jerky and is reasonably priced. I'm on my fourth bag and haven't had a bad piece yet."

-Mike S.

"This is GREAT jerky!...Definitely will keep buying."

"This is GREAT jerky! Different varieties available. All of it is tender and easy to chew, doesn't hurt my teeth. Definitely will keep buying."

-Connor J.

"Some of the best jerky you will ever eat!"

"Some of the best jerky you will ever eat! I stopped in to make a purchase and had the chance to try out a new sample...What a treat! It was absolutely delicious and is now my new favorite!"

-Anna B.

Take their word for it: this is the best beef jerky near you. Even if it's a long drive over, it'll be worth it! But if you are looking for beef jerky near Rexburg, beef jerky near Idaho Falls, beef jerky near Sugar City, or any of the surrounding areas, try Top Notch Jerky. 

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