Fresh Ranch Raised Beef

Made with the industries highest standards, from quality raised beef.

"The Bar Has Been Raised To The Top Notch"

Top Notch Beef Jerky

Premium Beef

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We Make 2 Different Cuts - find the right one for you

Ranch Cut

Our Ranch Cut Beef Jerky Is Cut Into Natural Style Strips, And Comes In Four Different Flavors. Each Bite Provides a Burst of Flavor and Amazing Texture.

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Meat Stick

If You Like Strong Flavors, Our Meat Sticks Are For You. These are a Great Snack When You Are On the Go.

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This is GREAT jerky! Different varieties available. All of it is tender and easy to chew, doesn't hurt my teeth. Definitely will keep buying.

Conner J.

This is the softest jerky my family has ever tried. My son has a deficiency that causes his teeth to break easily, so he loved how soft it was. He didn't have any trouble with it. 

Barry Miller

My family loves Top Notch Jerky. It is by far our favorite brand. We have tried all the options they offer and love them all.

Camden Shupe