Generations of Ranchers, Locally Grown Beef

Top Notch is owned by the Jed Jacobs family, a 4th generation ranching family. Located in southeast Idaho, the Wind Rivers mountain range (Home of the Grand Tetons) is the backdrop to our feed lots. With generations of ranchers and locally-grown beef, you are guaranteed the best quality and price on our jerky.

From Cattle to Consumer

We control our pricing, not the global boxed beef commodity market. We can supply at 100% fill rate (crawling before we run) and we will lock & load pricing – Your cost is good and no need to adjust up every few months or be exposed to the commodity market variations. We offer sustainability & value to our customers!

We own and control nearly every aspect of the business, which allows us to keep our prices low. We are proud to have locally-grown beef, raising our own Corriente cattle in our St. Anthony, Idaho feedlots. We handle all the fabrication and processing of the cattle, as well as produce and package all our Top Notch beef jerky and meat snacks at our new state-of-the-art procution facility located just minutes from our feedlots in Sugar City, Idaho.

*The only thing we don't own and control is freight.

Corriente Cattle

More on our locally-grown beef: Most Cattle breeds can be used for meat and produce an acceptable quality of meat, but the Corrientes beef is said to have a flavor all its own. It is naturally marbled for excellent tenderness and juiciness. It is also said to be a healthier alternative to most other red meats as it is naturally lower in fat, cholesterol and contains fewer calories. These cattle produce meat that have the highest protein levels of ALL red beef.


Where does the beef come from?

All our beef is locally grown, and most of our beef is located in a feedlot in St. Anthony.

Can you do custom processing for beef or wild game that we bring in?

No. We process all our beef in a USDA approved facility, which does not allow us to process your beef or game.

What are your half beef prices?

Fresh and frozen beef is available in our local store. Our "Freezer Filler" has three options: quarter, half, or whole beef. Prices depend on the weight and customization. Half beefs vary from $1,100-1,200 on average. Cutting and wrapping fee is calculated in that price. Time frame depends on how long the waitlist is.

What kind of beef is it?

All our beef is Black Angus Beef.