Our beef jerky subscription packages allow loyal members to save by subscribing to a monthly package! Our big jerky subscription packages are $55 with a value of $62.95-$64.95, and our small beef jerky subscription package is $30 with free shipping that gives it a $36 value! With a beef jerky subscription, you can have your jerky show up to your doorstep each month with no further trouble to yourself. Order once, subscribe and save!

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Manage Your Existing Subscription

Use the email you used when creating your subscription to log in. If you haven't created an account, use the same email to create an account and your subscriptions will automatically be available when you log in.

Perks of Having a Beef Jerky Subscription

  • 1. Getting a monthly Beef Jerky Subscription saves you money - up to $9.95 each month!
  • 2. Unlike some beef jerky subscriptions, our beef jerky subscription packages are fully customizable so you can choose the flavors you want.
  • 3. Because you may decide you don't like a flavor, or want to try a new one, you can change your beef jerky subscription at any time!
  • 4. All our Beef Jerky Subscription Packages are shipped for free! That means the price you see is the price you pay (plus tax), no additional shipping costs, even for the package under $50!
  • 5. You'll receive your beef jerky subscription monthly with no extra hassle on your part.

With our beef jerky subscription packages, loyal customers are able to save money while ordering their favorite flavors and products! It's a win-win. Our fully customizable beef jerky subscriptions are the perfect gift from us to you. We do it for you!