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Beef Jerky: The Best Hunting Snack

Beef jerky best hunting snack

Beef Jerky: The Best Hunting Snack

When you're going hunting, you want to make sure you've got the right type of food and snacks with you. You want something that's shelf-stable, lightweight, and high protein so it will last you all day and give you the energy you need. Beef jerky is all of those things, making it the perfect hunting snack! With Top Notch Jerky packed, you'll have the fuel you need to snag that 14-pointer you know is waiting for you.

Beef Jerky: A High-Protein Hunting Food

One of the main reasons beef jerky makes such a great hunting snack is the high protein content. Our beef jerky and meat sticks have about 7-9 grams of protein in each ounce, making our meat snacks a high-protein food perfect for a hunting trip! Protein gives you lasting energy, which is vital for those long days hunting. 

Beef Jerky: A Lightweight Hunting Snack

Beef jerky best hunting snack

As experienced hunters know, you don't want to carry too much unnecessary weight when going hunting. Keeping your food supply lightweight is important. This is another reason why beef jerky is a perfect hunting snack. Since it's dried out meat, you get the nutrients and protein without extra water weight or other weight - jerky provides a concentrated source of protein. It's a lot of meat packed into a small, dehydrated piece of deliciousness. 

Beef Jerky: A Shelf-Stable Hunting Snack

Obviously, when you're outside all day (and especially when you're camping overnight too) you're going to need food that doesn't need refrigerated. While crackers, granola bars, and other shelf-stable packaged snacks are great, it can be hard to find foods that are substantial and provide nutritional value that are shelf-stable. Beef jerky is the perfect food if you're looking for something that provides more substance, nutrients, and protein AND will last outside the fridge. Pair it with those other snacks to make a meal in the middle of the woods! Or enjoy it as a snack all day.

*We do recommend that our beef jerky and meat sticks be either consumed or refrigerated within 3 days of opening, but they are shelf stable until they are opened and for 2-3 days after opening.

Beef Jerky: The Classic Hunting Snack

One final reason beef jerky is the perfect snack for hunting is that it's classic and well-loved. For hunters, fishers, hikers and all outdoorsy people, beef jerky is a typical favorite snack for all the reasons mentioned already in this article. With it being such a popular snack, if you're nice enough to share your jerky with the family or friends you're hunting with, they'll be sure to love it! 

Beef jerky best hunting snack

Order Beef Jerky For Your Next Hunting Trip

It's time to stock up on this high-protein, lightweight, shelf stable hunting snack to take along with you on your next hunting trip! Here at Top Notch Jerky we have seven different flavors of beef jerky and meat sticks. Choose a few today and order online using the links below! 

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