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The Best Beef For Jerky - The Article You've Been Waiting For

Here at Top Notch Jerky, we pride ourselves on our jerky recipes, flavors, and texture. But most importantly, we prioritize having the best beef possible for our jerky. You asked - what's the best beef for jerky? - and we're here with an answer.

Of course, lots of different factors go into creating top-notch quality beef and turning that beef into jerky, but we are going to cover just a couple of factors that make the best beef for jerky.

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Best beef for jerky top notch beef jerky

Corriente Cattle Make the Best Beef For Jerky

Our jerky is made from Corriente beef. Corriente cattle are a naturally lean breed, and according to The North American Cattle Association it produces meat that is lower in fat than other beef breeds and other lean meats. It also has a higher protein content than other meat, and fewer calories. (source) These characteristics make Corriente beef a good beef for jerky because it produces a solid, tender, piece of jerky cut straight from a strip of meat without having to go through extra processing.

Best beef for jerky quality beef cut jerky

In addition to that, Corriente cattle make the best beef for jerky because of its unique flavor. It is said to have a flavor that is different from other beef breeds, and when people taste our jerky, they often say "it tastes like real meat!" It also makes the best beef for jerky because of its natural marbling, creating a perfect blend without extra work on the processing side. (source)

Top Notch Jerky is the best beef jerky because it is made from the best beef for jerky - Corriente cattle. But just wait - it gets better!

The Best Beef For Jerky is Locally-Raised Beef

Not only do we use these top-notch quality Corriente cattle for our beef jerky, we raise them ourselves! Did you know that Top Notch Jerky is family-owned? All Top Notch Jerky is made from locally-raised beef from our family-owned ranch. We raise cattle on feedlots less than 20 minutes away from our processing plant. Because we raise our own cattle, we can ensure that we only use the best beef for the jerky we sell to you.

Best beef for jerky - locally-raised Corriente beef

Our Idaho feedlots with a view of the Grand Teton peaks behind them

Using locally-raised beef for our jerky means that our beef doesn't have to travel across the country, we don't have to rely on other people to provide it for us, and we can give you the best prices for beef jerky because we aren't reliant on other people's prices. Our locally-raised Corriente cattle make the best beef for jerky - you should try it and see for yourself!

People Agree That We Have the Best Beef For Jerky

We don't want you to take our word alone that we have the best beef for beef jerky. We want you to hear it from other people who have tried our jerky and loved it (like we know you'll love it!).

Best beef for jerky tastes like real beef

Kaitlyn and Ryan both commented on how much you can taste the beef in our jerky. When we have the very best beef for jerky, we want that true beef flavor to shine through!

"There jerky is so good!!! Not over powering so you can still taste the beef!" (Kaitlyn J.)

"You can taste the beef in it. It doesn't just taste like flavorings, you can taste the beef itself. It's very soft. It's the best beef jerky I've ever had, and I can see why everyone says that." (Ryan S.)

Robert noticed that our beef jerky is exceptionally fresh:

"Ordered some immediately after trying it on our camping and freshest I've ever ate." (Robert G.)

Jeremiah has tried our fresh and frozen beef in addition to our jerky and commented on how good our beef and jerky are:

"Great cuts of beef and awesome jerky! I highly recommend this place!!" (Jeremiah H.)


Try Our Jerky Made With the Best Beef

Best beef for jerky meat sticks

In our opinion and according to our research and results, the best beef for jerky is locally-raised Corriente beef. All our beef jerky is made with locally-raised Corriente cattle that comes straight from our family ranch to you. If you want to see if it really is the best beef for jerky, give it a try! Order online and get free shipping on orders over $50. Try one of our 12 different types of jerky, choosing from 7 different flavors of beef jerky and meat sticks. After you try it, come back and let us know! Could you taste that our jerky is made from the best beef?

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