3 Best Meat Sticks Brands You Haven't Heard Of (updated 2023)

Introducing Newer Meat Sticks Brands

Meat sticks - the classic easy-to-grab jerky stick snack, packed with flavor, protein, and dried meat. Several brands of varying levels of fame sell these tasty snack sticks, and today we're going to introduce some newer meat sticks brands to try in 2023. The classic and familiar brands of meat sticks are good, but we want to highlight these up and coming meat sticks brands so you can find some new meat sticks to try. Show your support to smaller businesses by trying one of these 3 meat sticks brands! These are some of the best brands of meat sticks we could find that we don't think you've heard of yet.

1. Top Notch Jerky: Beef Jerky and Meat Sticks Brand

Meat Sticks Brands | Top Notch Jerky Teriyaki Meat Sticks

Top Notch Jerky is a meat sticks brand based in Idaho. Top Notch Jerky offers meat sticks and natural style beef jerky online, and fresh/frozen beef in their local Idaho store. This meat sticks brand makes all their jerky from locally-raised beef, grown just a few minutes away from where they process their jerky. Top Notch Jerky brand of meat sticks offers 6 flavors of meat sticks, including exciting flavors like dill pickle and classics like pepperoni. This meat sticks brand is a must-try if you are a fan of flavor, you want to really taste the meat, and you like a soft texture!

2. Omahoma Bob's Jerky and Sticks

Meat Sticks Brands | Omahoma Bob's Meat Sticks

This brand has been making jerky and meat sticks for over 20 years, but the reason we're including them is because when it comes to an online presence, they are a little newer (they've only been on Instagram since June 2022!). This meat sticks brand offers 3 flavors of beef sticks: honey, hot, and original.  Check out their beef sticks here! 

3. Stevie G. Jerky

Meat Sticks Brands | Stevie G Jerky

This beef jerky and meat sticks brand uses a family recipe that has been around for 30 years, and they've recently decided to start sharing that recipe with the world! This meat sticks brand offers meat sticks in several different flavors. In addition to meat sticks, Stevie G. Jerky makes other types of beef jerky for you to enjoy. With 4.9 or 5 stars on all their meat sticks, you're sure to like what you get from this meat sticks brand! See all jerky from this meat sticks brand at sgjerky.com.

Try These Meat Sticks Brands Today

Meat Sticks Brands Top Notch Jerky Meat Sticks

Next time you think about buying a big brand of meat sticks, consider one of these meat sticks brands instead. Support a smaller business and discover new meat sticks that you might just end up loving! Try one of these newer brands of meat sticks and never go back to the big jerky brands again. 

What's the next brand of meat sticks you'll try? Our personal favorite is the Top Notch Jerky Meat Sticks brand. With six different flavors of meat sticks, we're sure you'll find something you'll love! Whatever meat sticks brand you try, let us know what you think in the comments. 

Did we miss some of the best meat sticks brands that most people haven't heard of? Let us know! We're happy to keep updating this list with your business or your recommendations.

Try Top Notch Jerky Meat Sticks


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