The Best-Tasting Beef Jerky: Finger-Lickin', Mouth-Waterin', Lip-Smackin' Good Jerky

Best tasting beef jerky

The Best Tasting Beef Jerky You'll Ever Have

Here at Top Notch Jerky, we have several (7, to be exact) scrumptious flavors of beef jerky and meat sticks, and we have carefully crafted our recipes to make it the best-tasting jerky ever. We can't give away all our secrets, but we are going to tell you a little bit about why our jerky has the best taste. 

But first, a little social proof. We aren't the only ones saying that Top Notch Jerky is the best-tasting beef jerky. Lots of our customers agree with us!

Here are a few customer reviews about the taste of our beef jerky and meat sticks:

"Best tasting jerky I have ever eaten!"

"This is the best Tasting Jerky I have ever eaten! Thank You Top Notch Jerky!"

-Beverly B

Most people have tried several brands of jerky, so this means something to hear that it's the best tasting jerky they've ever eaten! 

"The flavors are very good"

I love this jerky. The flavors are very good and it is probably the most tender that I have had. I also really like the beef sticks. (Cristin W.)

"It tastes very fresh"

I really like this jerky. It tastes very fresh. It is chewy and soft rather than tough. The most common comment from the family is, "Can I have some more?" (Donna N.)

Best tasting beef jerky

One reason our beef jerky tastes so fresh is because it is fresh! We'll talk more about that in a moment, but it's clear that this customer and their family like the taste of our jerky. 

While not all our customers comment specifically on the taste of our beef jerky, it's clear that many people agree that it's the best tasting jerky they've ever had. Here are a few more satisfied jerky lovers:

"Some of the best jerky you will ever eat!"

"Some of the best jerky you will ever eat! I stopped in to make a purchase and had the chance to try out a new sample...What a treat! It was absolutely delicious and is now my new favorite!"

-Anna B.

"I will not buy any other jerky"

"Top Notch scores 5 stars from me!! I will not buy any other jerky but theirs!!"

-Jim S.


"I love this stuff. I eat a lot of Jerky and this is by FAR THE BEST I have ever had. Pepper is my favorite."

Codi W.

"Best and freshest"

"Ordered some immediately after trying it on our camping and freshest I've ever ate."

-Robert G.

Why We Have the Best Tasting Beef Jerky

Best tasting beef jerky

We have seven different flavors of beef jerky and meat sticks, and they all share at least one thing in common: they are made from fresh, locally-raised beef. So when people say that our jerky tastes fresh, there's a reason for that! We are owned by a 4th-generation ranching family, and we raise our own beef cattle just 20 minutes from where we make our jerky products.

With a fully-integrated brand, we take our products from cow to consumer-ready, keeping it all local! Then we ship our fresh, moist, and delicious-tasting beef jerky to you wherever you live. 

One of the biggest reasons we have the best-tasting beef jerky is because our products are made from the highest quality locally-raised beef! You can taste the beef in our jerky products.

Best Tasting Beef Jerky Flavors

As we mentioned, we have seven different delicious flavors of jerky. We have six flavors of ranch cut beef jerky and six flavors of meat sticks. We've created the most delicious tasting beef jerky in each classic or unique flavor. Whether it's our classic flavors like original, teriyaki, or peppered or our more unique flavors like dill pickle or pepper dell pickle, we have crafted our recipes and ingredients to bring you the best tasting jerky. 

Best tasting beef jerky flavors

We use sugar and salt in all our jerky, and other seasonings in each one to create our seven different delicious flavors. 

Our most popular flavor of beef jerky is original, followed by peppered, teriyaki, pepper dill pickle, and pepperoni. According to numbers from our online sales, these are the best tasting beef jerky flavors!

 Taste Our Finger-Lickin' Good Beef Jerky!

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