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Providing Local Beef to Southeast Idaho

Knowing where your food comes from is important. Here at Top Notch, we guarantee local beef in all our meat and jerky products. We process and sell beef cuts and beef jerky from our Sugar City Idaho location, less than 20 minutes from where we raise our own local beef in St. Anthony, Idaho. Because we raise our own local beef to sell to you, we can guarantee you the best quality beef possible. 

We provide our local beef and beef jerky products to Sugar City, Idaho as well as Rexburg Idaho, Idaho Falls, Rigby Idaho, St. Anthony Idaho, and the surrounding areas. If you live in southeast Idaho, our local beef is for you!

Map to our Sugar City, Idaho location

Local Beef Southeast Idaho Local Beef Rexburg, Idaho Falls, Sugar City, Idaho Rigby Idaho

Why Local Beef is Better

Buying local beef has its benefits. When you don't have to ship cattle, or beef, across the country, you can keep the quality at a higher standard!

One benefit to buying local beef instead of outsourced beef is the cost. We own and control nearly every aspect of the business, which allows us to keep our prices low. We raise our own Corriente cattle in our St. Anthony, Idaho feedlots. We handle all the fabrication and processing of the cattle, and we produce and package all our Top Notch beef jerky and meat snacks at our new state-of-the-art production facility located just minutes from our feedlots in Sugar City, Idaho.

The result? Local beef at a low cost to you.

See our fresh and frozen beef prices here.

Another benefit of local our beef is the quality. We are owned by a 4th-generation ranching family, so we know what we're doing when it comes to our cows. We oversee every aspect of our beef production. We prioritize raising the finest quality cattle to become the finest quality beef. We handle every bit of the processing of our beef cuts and jerky, so we are making sure every step of the way is performed the best way possible. When you buy our local beef, you can be assured that we are using our expertise to bring you the best beef products available in southeast Idaho. 

Local Beef Southeast Idaho Local Beef Rexburg, Idaho Falls, Sugar City, Idaho Rigby Idaho

Top Notch Tri Tip - Photo Courtesy of Larry Bradley

Plus, we're pretty sure local beef just tastes better. When your beef can go straight from cow to customer with as few in-between steps as possible, you can get the freshest, juiciest, highest quality beef available. That's the beauty of buying local beef!

Buy Local Beef in Idaho

We have a lot of local beef products at our store in Sugar City Idaho! We supply steaks (including New York and our popular Ribeye Steak), hamburger and hamburger patties, tri tip, brisket, carne asada...and more to the Rexburg, Idaho Falls, St. Anthony, and Rigby Idaho areas. Plus our beef jerky, also made completely from local beef! You don't need to outsource any of your beef products, we have everything you need available locally. 

View a list of all our meat offerings here.

View our Beef Jerky and Meat Sticks* Here

*Note: Our jerky products are priced higher online to match our retailers. If you buy locally in our store, it is only $9.99 for 10-oz bags (beef jerky or meat sticks) and $4.25 for 3.25-oz bags (beef jerky only available)!

Map to our Sugar City Store

Local Beef Rexburg Idaho

Local Beef Idaho Falls, Idaho

Local Beef Sugar City, Idaho

Local Beef St. Anthony, Idaho

Local Beef Rigby, Idaho 

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