Why We Have the Best Beef Jerky Prices (no, actually)

The Best Beef Jerky Prices Around

Beef jerky is expensive. Everyone knows that. On average, beef jerky ranges from $1.31 per ounce for lower-end jerkies to $2.90 per ounce for quality ones. At our local Idaho Top Notch store, we sell our ranch cut beef jerky and jerky meat sticks for just $0.999 per ounce - but we make a high-quality high-end product. Why do we have the best beef jerky prices when we're selling such high-quality jerky?

We Have the Best Beef Jerky Prices Because We Control Each Step 

Best Beef Jerky Prices

We own and control nearly every aspect of our business, which allows us to keep our prices low. We are proud to have locally-grown beef, raising our own Corriente cattle in our St. Anthony, Idaho feedlots. We handle all the fabrication and processing of the cattle, and we produce and package all our Top Notch beef jerky and meat snacks at our state-of-the-art production facility located just minutes from our feedlots in Sugar City, Idaho.

Because of this, we control our beef pricing, not the global boxed beef commodity market. We can supply at 100% fill rate (crawling before we run) and we will lock & load pricing, offering sustainability & the best beef jerky prices to our customers!

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Providing the Best Beef Jerky Prices in Idaho

Best Beef Jerky Prices

In our local store, you can find a 10-oz bag of ranch cut beef jerky or a 10-oz bag of jerky meat sticks for just $9.99 each, or a 3.25-oz bag for $4.25. That's much cheaper than the average, despite providing quality much higher than the average.

As one happy customer put it (talking about our low beef jerky prices),

"This is the amazing part. I don't think that price has changed in years. Not only is the jerky the best around, but it's incredible value." (Todd B.)

Best Beef Jerky Prices

While this is possible because of our complete control over our beef and business as explained above, we aren't able to offer these same prices on our website.

Giving You the Best Beef Jerky Prices Online

Because we sell through other retailers who price our items higher, we have to match those prices on our site so we don't undercut them (sounds silly, we know, but we gotta do what we gotta do). However, we have worked hard to be able to offset the increase in prices in order to continue providing the best beef jerky prices to our customers who live all over, not just in Idaho!

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Best Beef Jerky Prices

In order to give you the best beef jerky prices, we offer free shipping on orders over $50 - giving you a shipping value of about $10 for free brings your overall cost down by about $10, which depending on your order can make it match our store prices!

Best Beef Jerky Prices Beef Jerky Subscription

Another thing we do to offer the best beef jerky prices to you is our jerky subscription packages. With a beef jerky subscription package, you can get almost $60 worth of jerky for just $50 - and still get free shipping! We know it sounds too good to be true, but we promise it isn't - just look here! Our beef jerky subscriptions are one of the top ways we give you the best beef jerky prices to be found anywhere online.

Best Beef Jerky Prices for the Best Beef Jerky

Now, we realize there may be jerkies out there with a lower cost per ounce than our jerky. But those jerkies are most likely made with fillers and additives in addition to beef that bring down their production costs. Here at Top Notch Jerky, we guarantee the finest quality beef for all our jerky products. We make it with the best beef and we don't add fillers or additives. With our beef jerky, you can really taste the beef!

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Our jerky comes from Corriente cattle, which provide a unique flavor and quality of beef. Naturally marbled, tender, and juicy, Corriente cattle also provide a healthier quality of meat than other breeds. Our beef has less fat, cholesterol, and calories and has the most protein out of any red meat! Our beef jerky is made straight from this premium quality beef, grown just minutes from our beef jerky plant. With top-notch quality like that, we are confident that we offer the best beef jerky for the best price!

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