Why Beef Jerky is So Addictive (not medically, but why is it so dang good?)

We get reviews like this one:

"Danger: It's addictively good. Ranch cut remains very tender. If you open a bag it will disappear. So buy more than you think you'll need. And hide it from your kids."

-Todd B.

Why is beef jerky so addictive I can't put the bag down

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Why Is Beef Jerky So Addictive?

When we get reviews like this, it makes us think about why our beef jerky is so addictive that bags just "disappear" and people hide it from their kids. Why IS beef jerky so addictive? Why is it so hard to put a bag down? Why is it so hard to leave a bag - especially one of our small bags - only partially eaten? Why is beef jerky so dang good?

There may be a variety of answers out there, but we're just going to look at a couple possible reasons why beef jerky is so addictive: Beef jerky may be so addictive because of the incredible flavor and the sugar content. Here, we'll explain.

Our Beef Jerky is Addictively Good Because of the Flavor

"Some of the best jerky I've had in awhile. ...The hardest part is to not eat the whole bag after you've just opened it."

-Karl H.

Why is beef jerky so addictive

Beef jerky has a variety of delicious flavors, from classic original to more exotic flavors like pepper dill pickle. (See all our delicious flavors of beef jerky!) Each of these jerkies is seasoned with a trusted and tested carefully crafted recipe with just the right amounts of sugar, salt, spices, and other flavors.

When you taste the beef jerky, these flavors linger in your mouth leaving an aftertaste of deliciousness. Tasting the flavors in your mouth after you eat beef jerky makes you want to eat more beef jerky in order to taste those flavors in full again. So you'll eat another piece, and another, and another, and pretty soon you've eaten more than you realized!

Of course, there's nothing in our jerky flavoring that is addictive by scientific definition, but it makes sense to us that the flavor of our beef jerky is so good that people keep coming back for more.

Beef Jerky May Be Addictive Because of the Sugar Content

There science is still debating about whether sugar is actually addictive, but most people can agree that sugar tastes really good. When you enjoy eating sugar it releases dopamine, which is a chemical associated with happiness and pleasure. (source) While our meat sticks don't have sugar (or <1g), our ranch cut beef jerky has an average of 9 grams of sugar per serving. The sugar content of our beef jerky may be one reason you keep coming back for more!

 Why is beef jerky so addictive sugar

 Why Beef Jerky is so Addictive

Beef jerky may be so addictive because of the lingering flavor and the sugar content, but one thing we know for sure: our top-notch beef jerky is delicious. People have raved about our beef jerky and how incredible it is, and all we can say to you is - there's only one way to find out. Try at your own risk, order an extra bag or two if you want your friends or family to be able to try, and never look back! Beef jerky is so dang good you won't regret it. 

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