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Our collection of jerky snacks includes six flavors of beef jerky and six flavors of meat sticks. All Top Notch Jerky snacks are soft and tender, easy to chew, and packed with flavor.

All of our jerky snacks are made with locally-grown beef from Corriente cattle raised less than 20 minutes from where we process our jerky!

All beef jerky snacks and meat sticks are crafted with top-notch quality as our goal. We provide quality beef jerky snacks with our premium beef jerky and meat sticks.

Order beef jerky online. Our jerky is made from the finest quality beef raised local to our beef jerky store in southeast Idaho. We know the best beef jerky stores are the small-town ones that usually don't have online orders available, so we wanted to make sure you can have our top-notch quality beef jerky wherever you live. Begin your beef jerky online order today!

Order Beef Jerky Online


The best beef jerky stores are the ones hidden away in little country stores or located in small ranching towns. That's exactly what Top Notch Jerky is - a meats and jerky store in a small town in Idaho, growing our beef just a few miles from where we process and sell it. But in order to bring the small-town beef jerky store to you, we offer the availability to order beef jerky online to provide that beef jerky store experience to anyone, anywhere. Create your beef jerky online order today!