Dill Pickle Meat Sticks

Dill Pickle Meat Sticks

Congratulations - you've discovered one of jerky's most unique and delicious treasures - pickle flavored jerky. These Dill Pickle flavored meat sticks are packed with punchy pickle flavor while maintaining the meat stick texture and quality you know and love. If you love pickles and meat sticks, this combination is a must-try.

How Dill Pickle Meat Sticks are Made

Meat sticks, often called snack sticks, beef sticks, jerky sticks, or jerky snack sticks, are made a little differently from regular beef jerky. Meat sticks are made by grinding, cooking, drying meat and putting it into a casing to create the stick shape (source). Our dill pickle meat sticks are made with beef and pork, always with our locally-raised beef as the first ingredient. They are seasoned with salt, spices, sugar, and of course, other pickle flavorings. 

Top Notch Dill Pickle Meat Sticks

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Grab a package of Top Notch's Dill Pickle Meat Sticks to take along with you on your next adventure! Order online today and get free shipping on orders over $50. With our dill pickle meat sticks in hand, you'll be fueled as you scale mountains, hunt the biggest buck of the season, or just survive your work day.