Natural Beef Jerky: All-New Top Notch Jerky Wagon Wheels

Natural Beef Jerky - Top Notch Jerky Wagon Wheels

Natural Beef Jerky Like You've Never Seen Before

This is natural beef jerky like you've never seen before. This natural beef jerky is made in small-town Idaho from beef raised just a few minutes away from where it's made. We're bringing back your roots with our natural beef jerky just like grandma used to make - and where grandma used to make it.

This all-natural beef jerky gets its name - Wagon Wheels - from its circle shape. Wagon Wheels will take you back to the wild west frontier - with no added ingredients to remind you that you're in the 21st century. The beef is raised, processed, and sold from the same area in rural Idaho, guaranteeing that your beef jerky is fresh and of the best quality.


Natural Beef Jerky With Only the Best Ingredients

We only use the necessary ingredients to bring you the best possible taste and quality, and we skip everything else. Our natural beef jerky is seasoned with brown sugar, sea salt, and other ingredients based on the flavor. What's almost as important as what our natural beef jerky does have is what it doesn't have.

Gluten Free Beef Jerky

Now, this may sound obvious because beef jerky doesn't contain typical gluten ingredients (like, for the most common example, wheat). However, it's also important to note that in order to be certified gluten free, food needs to be processed in a gluten-free environment as well. If a food is processed on the same machines or even in the same space as other products that contain gluten, it can be cross-contaminated and have traces of gluten in it. For minor intolerances to gluten this may not make as much of a difference, but for someone with a more severe gluten allergy or intolerance, such as celiac disease, it can be life-threatening.

Furthermore, one of our flavors of natural beef jerky is teriyaki. Teriyaki beef jerky is most commonly made with soy sauce, which contains wheat. Our teriyaki natural beef jerky is just as gluten free as all the other flavors, using brown sugar, pineapple juice, vinegar, and other natural ingredients to create its teriyaki flavor instead of using soy sauce!

If you're looking for gluten free beef jerky, we've got you covered. You can eat our natural beef jerky with no worries of even trace amounts of gluten.

Soy Free Beef Jerky

In addition to being completely certified gluten free, our natural beef jerky is also soy free! Again, it is certified soy free, so no chance of traces of soy being in our natural beef jerky. If you have a soy allergy or intolerance, you can rest assured knowing that this beef jerky is safe to eat!

Even our teriyaki beef jerky, which most beef jerky companies make with soy sauce, is soy free! As mentioned above in regards to our jerky being gluten free, we make our teriyaki jerky without soy sauce, using brown sugar, pineapple juice, vinegar, and other natural ingredients instead.


MSG Free Beef Jerky

Monosodium Glutamate, or MSG, is commonly used in packaged foods for flavor. However, all of our Natural Beef Jerky Wagon Wheels products are MSG free, using sea salt and other natural ingredients to create spectacular flavor without using MSG. Our MSG free beef jerky is sure to satisfy your taste buds!

No Added Nitrites or Nitrates

Our natural beef jerky is made without added nitrites or nitrates.

Natural Beef Jerky Made from Locally-Raised Beef

We make our Wagon Wheels beef jerky with only natural ingredients, and we start with beef that we raise ourselves. We're a 4th generation ranching family, and we know what it takes to raise the best cattle to make the highest quality beef. Instead of outsourcing and relying on someone else's beef product, we produce our own beef locally so we know exactly what's going into our jerky and so we can ensure that it's top-notch quality.

Our jerky comes from Corriente cattle, which provide a unique flavor and quality of beef. Naturally marbled, tender, and juicy, Corriente cattle also provide a healthier quality of meat than other breeds. Our beef has less fat, cholesterol, and calories and has the most protein out of any red meat! Our beef jerky is made straight from this premium quality beef, raised just 20 minutes from our beef jerky plant.


Try Top Notch Jerky Wagon Wheels Natural Beef Jerky Today!

It's time to give it a try! See all our Wagon Wheels products in our online store. Experience natural beef jerky from the rural west, with home-grown and natural ingredients. We're bringing you the simplicity of the good old days, with no added nonsense. Order Wagon Wheels natural beef jerky online!

Top Notch Jerky Wagon Wheels - Natural Beef Jerky

Natural Beef Jerky - Top Notch Jerky Wagon Wheels