Original Wagon Wheels - Natural Beef Jerky

original natural beef jerky wagon wheels

Original Wagon Wheels

Our Original Wagon Wheels are a classic favorite flavor. Original Wagon Wheels are natural beef jerky rounds that are ground and formed into a wagon wheel shape. With a smoky, slightly sweet taste and a soft, tender texture, original wagon wheels are sure to be loved by everyone! Original Wagon Wheels are the perfect snack for someone who likes it classic and delicious. All Top Notch Beef Jerky Wagon Wheels are made with 100% locally-raised beef to provide you with the best quality beef jerky possible. 

Natural Beef Jerky Wagon Wheels

Not only are Original Wagon Wheels delicious and high-quality, they are also natural beef jerky, made with simple and natural ingredients. Original beef jerky Wagon Wheels are gluten free, MSG free, soy free, and have no added nitrates or nitrites, creating a worry-free beef jerky experience! We want to provide a true wild west jerky with a rustic, homemade feeling by only using ingredients your grandma would trust.

Order Original Wagon Wheels: Our Classic Natural Beef Jerky

Grab a package of Top Notch's Original Wagon Wheels to take along with you on your next adventure! Order online today and get free shipping on orders over $50. With our original Wagon Wheels in hand, you'll be fueled as you rope cattle, hunt the biggest buck of the season, or just survive your work day.