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Pepperoni sticks. Pepperoni beef sticks. Pepperoni jerky sticks. Pepperoni snack sticks. Pepperoni beef jerky sticks. They go by many names, but whatever you call them, you'll likely agree that pepperoni sticks are one of the best forms of smoked meats to exist. Made with beef and pork, our pepperoni sticks combine a rich, soft, meaty texture with a savory, spicy, spot-on flavor that many people know and love. Pepperoni sticks are the classic jerky snack stick with a favorite flavor made popular by being a common pizza topping. What more could you want?

How Pepperoni Sticks Are Made

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Pepperoni sticks are made by grinding, cooking, drying meat and putting it into a casing to create the stick shape (source). They are usually made with beef and/or pork, and often both. Pepperoni sticks can also be made with other meats including turkey. Out of all the types of jerky snack sticks, pepperoni sticks may be more likely to be made with pork than beef or other meats. Our meat sticks are made with beef and pork, with our locally-raised beef always the first ingredient. 

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