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Our premium beef jerky is favorite with hundreds of happy customers. With a smoky, savory flavor and a soft, tender texture, Top Notch Premium Beef Jerky is sure to be loved by everyone! Beef jerky is the perfect snack for outdoor activities, travel, or anything else as it provides an easy, high-protein snack on the go. All of our quality beef jerky is made with 100% locally-raised beef to provide you with the best beef jerky quality possible. Our ranch cut premium beef jerky is cut from solid strips of our marbled beef, and turned into the best beef jerky with a perfect savory flavor and a soft, meaty texture. Try it today!

How Beef Jerky is Made

Our Ranch Cut Premium Beef Jerky is made from strips of locally-raised, top-notch quality beef that are dried and flavored to make a chewy, dried strip of meat that makes the delicious snack you know and love. Our premium beef jerky is salted and seasoned to create the best beef jerky flavors!

Top Notch Beef Jerky

Grab a package of Top Notch's Premium Beef Jerky to take along with you on your next adventure! Order online today and get free shipping on orders over $50. With the best beef jerky in hand, you'll be fueled as you scale mountains, hunt the biggest buck of the season, or just survive your work day.

For years, people have been tasting Top Notch Jerky and saying it's the best beef jerky ever. Whether it's the locally-grown beef, the hometown feel, or the ultimate beef jerky recipe, we aren't the only ones saying there's something special about our quality beef jerky. Here are a few people who say that the best beef jerky is found right here at Top Notch:

Best Beef Jerky Ever Top Notch Jerky

These People Say It's the Best Beef Jerky Ever

Here are a few people who have no scruples in saying that Top Notch Jerky is the best beef jerky they've ever had. That's no small claim, but these are just a few of the people who have said so! If you don't believe it, try it yourself and see what makes Top Notch Jerky the best beef jerky ever.

"Best tasting jerky I have ever eaten!"

"This is the best Tasting Jerky I have ever eaten! Thank You Top Notch Jerky!"

-Beverly B


"I love this stuff. I eat a lot of Jerky and this is by FAR THE BEST I have ever had. Pepper is my favorite."

Codi W.

"Best jerky around!"

"You guys have the best jerky around!"

-Craig P.

"Best and freshest"

"Ordered some immediately after trying it on our camping and freshest I've ever ate."

-Robert G.

"Best jerky"

"Best jerky we have found."

Teresa A.

It's a great favorite

These people didn't use the same words, saying it was the best jerky ever, but they said it's their favorite. That's the same thing, right?

"By far our favorite brand"

"My family loves Top Notch Jerky. It is by far our favorite brand. We have tried all the options they offer and love them all."

-Camden S.

"By far my favorite kind of jerky"

"Everyone needs to try top notch jerky, it is by far my favorite kind of jerky. The natural cut, tenders, and the three flavors of sticks* are all very good!"

-Rayce S.

*Natural cut is labeled as "ranch cut," and we have several more flavors of meat sticks now!

How many ways can you say, "Best beef jerky ever"?

Here are several more people who clearly agree that Top Notch Jerky is the best beef jerky to be had. They have more creative ways of saying it, but we're sure they wouldn't put up an argument that it's the best beef jerky ever!

"Danger: It's addictively good."

"Danger: It's addictively good. Ranch cut remains very tender. If you open a bag it will disappear. So buy more than you think you'll need. And hide it from your kids."

Todd B.

"I will not buy any other jerky"

"Top Notch scores 5 stars from me!! I will not buy any other jerky but theirs!!"

-Jim S.

"Really good jerky"

"This is really good jerky and is reasonably priced. I'm on my fourth bag and haven't had a bad piece yet."

-Mike S.

"This is GREAT jerky!...Definitely will keep buying."

"This is GREAT jerky! Different varieties available. All of it is tender and easy to chew, doesn't hurt my teeth. Definitely will keep buying."

-Connor J.

"Some of the best jerky I have had."

"Bought a bag of your peppered jerky at Elk Creek on Saturday have to admit some of the best jerky I have had."

-Nate Finley

"Some of the best jerky you will ever eat!"

"Some of the best jerky you will ever eat! I stopped in to make a purchase and had the chance to try out a new sample...What a treat! It was absolutely delicious and is now my new favorite!"

-Anna B.

"Immediately hooked!...For life!"

"I was gifted a bag of jerky and we were immediately hooked! We will only be purchasing our jerky from here for life!"

-Riley G.

Best Beef Jerky Ever Top Notch Jerky

Seriously...It's the best beef jerky ever.

Come on, it's time to give our quality beef jerky a try. Browse all our jerky here, or go to our Ranch Cut Premium Beef Jerky or our Meat Sticks to see our products by category. After you've tried it, share a review to let other people know why it's the best beef jerky ever!