The Best Meat Sticks You'll Ever Have

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The Best Meat Sticks

At Top Notch Jerky, we provide jerky quality meat sticks with locally-raised beef, spot-on flavor, and 100% satisfaction guarantee. With a soft, quality meat texture and a wide range of different flavors, we're sure you'll like what you get. Try them, and you'll see that they're the best meat sticks you've ever had!

Our meat sticks are a favorite with hundreds of satisfied customers. With a smoky, savory flavor and a soft, tender texture, these are the best meat sticks you'll ever have. Meat sticks are the perfect snack for outdoor activities, travel, or your work day. All Top Notch Jerky meat sticks are made with locally-raised beef and pork to provide you with the best snack sticks possible. 

What Are Meat Sticks?

Best meat sticks best beef jerky sticks best snack sticks Top Notch Jerky

Meat sticks are a form of jerky where meat is ground and put into casings to create a stick shape. Meat sticks, often called snack sticks, beef sticks, jerky sticks, or jerky snack sticks, are made a little differently from regular beef jerky. Meat sticks are made by grinding, cooking, and drying meat and putting it into a casing to create the stick shape (source). Our meat sticks are made with beef and pork, always with our locally-raised beef as the first ingredient and seasoned to perfection with savory spices and flavors to create the best snack sticks.

Types of Jerky Meat Sticks

Best meat sticks best beef jerky sticks best snack sticks Top Notch Jerky

Flavors of jerky meat sticks can vary a lot! Pepperoni sticks are a common favorite, but jerky snack sticks can be flavored just about any way. Our snack stick flavors include dill pickle, original, peppered, pepper dill pickle, pepperoni, and teriyaki. To find the best meat sticks in six different flavors, click here.

What Makes the Best Meat Sticks

When it comes to determining the best meat sticks, you may consider a few different factors: taste, texture, and ingredients.

If you're looking for taste, you'll want to look for a meat sticks brand that has your favorite flavor of snack sticks. Do you like traditional original meat sticks? If so, you can probably find something you like anywhere! Are you big on spicy snack sticks? Look for places that offer those! Do you like to try unusual flavors? We've got dill pickle flavors you can try. Top Notch Jerky offers six different flavors of meat sticks, providing something for everyone no matter your preference. See our Jerky Meat Sticks here!

Best meat sticks best beef jerky sticks best snack sticks Top Notch Jerky

The texture of meat sticks is another factor to consider. Most of the time, meat sticks are softer than traditional cut beef jerky. They are easy to bite into and chew, and they have a rich, meaty texture similar to most smoked meats. Here at Top Notch Jerky, we provide soft and tender meat sticks with a rich, quality texture. 

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You may also consider the ingredients of your meat sticks. This is related to the type of meat, and also the flavor of snack sticks you prefer, but other factors may help you determine what the best jerky sticks are. All our jerky meat sticks are made with beef and pork as the first two ingredients, with our locally-raised top-notch quality beef always at the top of the ingredients list. You can see a list of ingredients for each type of meat sticks on each of their product pages! 

Try Top Notch Meat Sticks (the best meat sticks ever!)

Best meat sticks best beef jerky sticks best snack sticks Top Notch Jerky

If you're looking for a quality meat stick made with real meat and savory flavors that will have you coming back for more, Top Notch Jerky is the place to go. Our jerky meat sticks are sure to give you the quality, taste, and texture that you're looking for in a perfect snack stick, and we think you'll agree that they're the best meat sticks ever!

Top Notch Jerky Meat Sticks

Grab a package of Top Notch's Meat Sticks to take along with you on your next adventure! Order online today and get free shipping on orders over $50. With Top Notch Meat Sticks in hand, you'll be fueled as you scale mountains, hunt the biggest buck of the season, or just survive your work day.