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Tender, soft beef jerky that is easy to chew and won't hurt your teeth. If you're tired of tough beef jerky, our soft beef jerky is perfect for you. Ranch cut beef jerky and jerky meat sticks are ALL soft and tender beef jerky. 12 different jerkies in 7 different flavors - each type of jerky is soft, tender, and easy to chew!

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Here's What People Are Saying About our Soft Beef Jerky

"This is GREAT jerky! Different varieties available. All of it is tender and easy to chew, doesn't hurt my teeth. Definitely will keep buying." (Connor J.)

"Great jerky. I really like it because it is tender and doesn't hurt my teeth, also has great flavors." (Mitch S.)

"The jerky was very good and it was the softest jerky my family has ever tried. My son has a deficiency with his teeth and they break very easily and he loved eating this jerky, it was soft enough he didn't have any trouble with it. We will definitely be a customer of top notch jerky, thanks for a great product." (Barry M.)

"Some of the best jerky I've had in awhile. Very tasty and tender so as not to kill my teeth. The hardest part is to not eat the whole bag after you've just opened it." (Karl H.)

"Super delicious, and super tender! I love it so much!" (Sicily J.)

All these people love our soft beef jerky. Whether you buy Ranch Cut Beef Jerky or Meat Sticks, you're getting soft, easy-to-chew beef jerky that won't hurt your teeth when you eat it.