5 Beef Jerky Gifts for the Meat-Eater in Your Life

The Best Beef Jerky Gifts

Beef jerky makes a great gift, especially for someone who loves meat. It's a perfect combination of practical and indulgent, delicious and nutritious. Beef jerky is also a fitting gift for someone who loves the outdoors, hiking, hunting, fishing, etc. Jerky is easy to pack along and provides a high-protein fuel to stay energized while doing outdoor activities! These are just a few examples of who might appreciate a beef jerky gift, but the truth is, many people would love jerky for a gift! 

Let's take a look at some of the best beef jerky gifts you can give. You can always just buy a bag or two and gift those, but these are some ways to make a beef jerky gift more meaningful, creative, and valuable!

1. A Beef Jerky Subscription

Best beef jerky gift beef jerky subscription package

If someone really loves beef jerky, then there's no better beef jerky gift than a monthly subscription package. With a beef jerky subscription, you can send jerky to someone's door every month! You can change or cancel a subscription any time, so you can do it for 3 months, a year, or however long you want. This beef jerky gift is a gift that keeps on giving. Whether it's for a birthday or other holiday, when you gift someone with a subscription they can keep celebrating every month!

We offer 3 different beef jerky subscription options. Our two large beef jerky subscription packages are $50, and our small one is $25. See all our options and order one as a gift today!

Beef Jerky Gift Subscription Packages

2. A Beef Jerky Gift Card

beef jerky gift card

If you think someone would love a beef jerky gift, but when you look at all the flavors you aren't sure what kind they'd like, a beef jerky gift card is what you're looking for. With our digital jerky gift cards, you can choose an amount from $10-$100 that someone can use in our online store to get whatever flavor of jerky they want! Physical Top Notch Jerky gift cards are also available in our in-person store that people can use in our in-person store. While gift cards aren't always known to be the best gifts, a beef jerky gift card specifically to ensure that someone chooses their favorite flavors of jerky is a great gift!

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3. A Beef Jerky Gift Basket

If you're feeling creative, you can put together your own beef jerky gift! Grab a couple bags of beef jerky, add some other snacks (maybe peanuts, popcorn, or cheeses), and put it all together in a cute basket! Add some tissue paper or other filler for decoration. With beef jerky and a few other favorite snacks, a beef jerky gift basket is the perfect way to show someone you care. 

4. A Flavor Favorite Bundle

beef jerky gift favorite flavor bundle

What is their favorite flavor of beef jerky? Get them both beef jerky and meat sticks in their favorite flavor!  Any flavor besides Hot & Sweet and Pepperoni is available as both ranch cut beef jerky and meat sticks. You could even do a whole pickle package and include our Dill Pickle jerkies and our Pepper Dill Pickle jerkies! 

All Beef Jerky and Meat Sticks

Dill Pickle Beef Jerky

Dill Pickle Meat Sticks

Pepper Dill Pickle Beef Jerky

Pepper Dill Pickle Meat Sticks

5. Keep it Classic with a Couple Bags of Jerky

beef jerky gift

Of course, a beef jerky gift doesn't have to be anything fancy. For people who love beef jerky, just a bag or two of beef jerky is more than enough to show them that you care. If you don't know what flavors of beef jerky they like, just stick with Original, Teriyaki, or Peppered - some of our fan favorites! But all 7 flavors of beef jerky and meat sticks are delicious, so check them all out and choose a couple for your next beef jerky gift. 

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Beef jerky is a great gift. Choose one of these ideas next time you need to give a gift to a meat lover, an outdoorsy friend, or anyone else who loves jerky! Yours will be the favorite gift every time. 

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