The Best Tender and Soft Beef Jerky People Are Raving About

Beef jerky is delicious - you know that, that's why you're here reading this. But beef jerky lovers will agree that some kinds and brands of beef jerky are tough, hard to chew, and can hurt your teeth. Of course, for some that's part of the experience and they wouldn't change it. Others want the delicious smoky flavor, the protein, and the convenience of beef jerky without having to gnaw away at tough jerky. Here at Top Notch, one of people's favorite things is that we have the best soft beef jerky. Many people have commented that we have soft and tender beef jerky that is easy to chew and doesn't hurt their teeth.

Jerky Meat Sticks are often considered easier to chew, but even our classic Ranch Cut Beef Jerky is a soft, tender beef jerky that is easy to chew!

Soft Beef Jerky Tender Beef Jerky

Tender and Soft Beef Jerky: People's Comments

These people said we have the best tender and soft beef jerky in their reviews. They have only positive things to say, especially about how soft and tender our beef jerky is!

1. Tender and Easy to Chew

Soft Beef Jerky Tender Beef Jerky

"This is GREAT jerky! Different varieties available. All of it is tender and easy to chew, doesn't hurt my teeth. Definitely will keep buying." (Connor J.)

This person became a loyal customer after trying our jerky and finding it to be an easy-to-chew, tender beef jerky. As he mentioned, ALL our varieties of jerky are soft, not just our meat sticks! Even our classic, natural-cut beef jerky is some of the best soft beef jerky.

2. Tender and Doesn't Hurt My Teeth

"Great jerky. I really like it because it is tender and doesn't hurt my teeth, also has great flavors." (Mitch S.)

It sounds like Mitch has experienced the same pain many people do - biting into beef jerky and giving your teeth a run for their money! Not to mention the jaw workout that comes with eating tough jerky. Here at Top Notch, he found the best soft and tender beef jerky that is easy on his teeth. If you have the same struggle, don't keep struggling! Order our beef jerky online today for a better jerky-eating experience.

3. My Son Can Only Eat Soft Beef Jerky

"The jerky was very good and it was the softest jerky my family has ever tried. My son has a deficiency with his teeth and they break very easily and he loved eating this jerky, it was soft enough he didn't have any trouble with it. We will definitely be a customer of top notch jerky, thanks for a great product." (Barry M.)

If eating beef jerky isn't hard on enough on most people's teeth, eating most beef jerky would certainly be a risk for someone whose teeth break easily! However, this person's son had no problem eating Top Notch's soft beef jerky. If you're looking for the best soft and tender beef jerky, this should tell you everything you need to know!

5. Tenderest Jerky Ever

"All I know is that's it's the tenderest jerky ever. Whatever your secret is, keep doing that." (Todd B.)

With how much people love how soft and tender our beef jerky is, we won't stop doing it this way any time soon!

4. Tasty and Tender Beef Jerky

"Some of the best jerky I've had in awhile. Very tasty and tender so as not to kill my teeth. The hardest part is to not eat the whole bag after you've just opened it." (Karl H.)

Again with the teeth - this man sounds like he's had some past experiences with tough beef jerky. But once he found our tender, soft beef jerky he had a hard time not eating the whole bag! One danger of having our beef jerky be so easy to eat is that you can eat a whole bag a lot quicker - so be careful!

5. Texture is Key

"Great taste and texture. Love it. 😋" (Ted W.)

This reviewer doesn't have much to say, but what he did comment on was the taste and the texture - and we would argue that those two things are the single most important factors in judging beef jerky! If you don't like the texture of your jerky, you'll look for a new kind, but this person seems very satisfied with the soft and tender texture of our beef jerky.

6. "Super Tender" jerky!

Soft Beef Jerky Tender Beef Jerky

"Super delicious, and super tender! I love it so much!" (Sicily J.)

This is the last review we'll share, but we wanted to give you some proof from the people that our jerky is as soft and tender as we say! This person seems very satisfied with the "super delicious" and the "super tender" beef jerky she tried. Our jerky really is the best soft beef jerky, and if it wasn't, we wouldn't have so many people raving about it! We'd love if you become one of them - we promise you won't regret it.

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