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Why Beef Jerky Is So Expensive (And Why You Should Buy It Anyway)

Why beef jerky is so expensive
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Beef Jerky Is Expensive

Beef jerky enthusiasts everywhere have a common lament: why is beef jerky so expensive? It's so delicious, so addictive, but sometimes it's hard to find room in the budget for such a snack. We get it, we really do, and that's one reason we try to keep our beef jerky prices lower than most. Not to undercut our competitors, but to make it easier on you. Even so, beef jerky is expensive. Beef jerky is so expensive because it uses a lot of quality meat to make just a little bit of jerky, the process takes resources and employees' time, and beef jerky producers often buy from the beef industry and the price of beef can be expensive.

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Why Is Beef Jerky So Expensive?

One reason beef jerky is so expensive is because it takes a lot of meat to make a little jerky. Think about when you're cooking up a hamburger. It starts out one size, and shrinks as you cook it - and when you're done there's still plenty of juices left! (if you do it right) The hamburger loses water and fat as you cook it, and there's even still some left by the end.

Why beef jerky is so expensive dried meat

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When we make our jerky, we dry the meat to the point of having almost no fat and no water content. Think about the size difference between an uncooked and a cooked burger. Now picture beef jerky - it takes a big piece of meat to make just one piece of jerky!

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Beef Jerky is an Expensive Process

Another reason beef jerky is so expensive is the process and equipment it takes to make it. Sure, you can make beef jerky at home with a smoker or even your oven, but doing it on a large scale and selling hundreds of pounds of it requires a lot of people, machines, and time. Beef jerky is so expensive partly to compensate for the various costs of making it.

Why beef jerky is so expensive to buy

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Beef for Jerky Can Be Expensive to Buy

Beef jerky can be expensive for people who outsource their beef to make it. If people buy their beef from outside sources in the beef market, they have to adjust their beef jerky prices based on how much they have to pay it for.

That's a big reason why here at Top Notch Jerky, we grow our own beef in order to provide our customers with the best prices possible. We own and control everything from our cattle to the selling of our jerky which allows us to cut the costs that come from having middle-men (ranchers, processing, retailers). We just bring the beef from our cows to you in order to make it so our beef jerky isn't so expensive. 

Getting Bang for Your Buck

While beef jerky is expensive, the product is worth it if you're looking for certain health benefits. Just 1 oz of beef jerky has about 7 grams of protein, about 13-14% of your daily intake of protein. That means you don't have to eat much of it to get more benefits, so it's more worth the money! 

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Why Top Notch Beef Jerky is Less Expensive

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Our Beef Jerky is Less Expensive

In our store, we have our jerky priced at $9.99 for 10 oz, or $4.25 for 3.25 oz, which is cheaper than most brands of beef jerky. In our online store, we do have to price it higher to match the cost of the retailers who sell our jerky, but to compensate for that we offer free shipping on orders over $50 and beef jerky subscription packages that make our online prices more closely match our storefront prices!

Next time you wonder, "why is beef jerky so expensive?" You can remind yourself that it's a lot less expensive here and come on over to Top Notch Jerky for some quality, affordable jerky.

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